As the business owner of Pybrum and Company, Steve Pybrum offers financial services and advice both to individuals and businesses. Over his many years of experience as a top tax preparer and advisor, Steven Pybrum has had the chance to analyze the operations of many different concerns and industries. Through these many experiences, Steve Pybrum has become an expert at understanding the needs of a business and how to get a company performing so it can produce its maximum level of profit.

Since Steve Pybrum works in the world of money, you can logically say that his particular industry is money. However, over time Steven Pybrum began to realize that money was one of the biggest issues, and often problems, in a marriage. He has actually seen couples that truly cared for each other but could not live together or remain married due to what seemed to be irreconcilable money concerns or problems.

So Steve Pybrum did the sensible thing and wrote a book entitled “Money and Marriage: Making It Work Together” with the appropriate subtitle of “A Guide to Smart Money Management and Harmonious Communications.” As might be expected, this book has made a big difference in many relationships and marriages, and quite a few couples attribute this book and his ideas to the salvation of their failing marriage.

Since then, Steve Pybrum has published a companion book that is devoted to couples that are engaged to be married or are planning their engagement. Titled “Money and Marriage-For Engaged Couples: Guide to Choosing the Right Partner and Developing a Relationship That Lasts,” additional and important ideas and guides are offered to get a marriage off to a solid and caring start, while also setting up a financial plan and discipline that give the couple a game plan to a secure financial future and retirement program.

And this is why Steve Pybrum considers money and marriage to be one of the most important industries in operation today!