When it comes to marriage and news, some people feel like it is always the same: bad and nothing promising in the near future. You turn on the TV and the news blares that divorces are rising and so is unemployment and that the stock market is rocky and interest rates are low for investors but too high for borrowers. It there really so much doom and gloom in these modern times?

For Steve Pybrum, the answer would be a resolute and resounding “No!” While some people may be going through divorces, and other people have money woes, and some others actually are being hit on both sides, it does not have to be that way for everyone, most especially you. Everybody is trying to find the secret to life, the trick that will make them lots of money and will fix their marriages. Even those couples who are engaged go through too many worries, when simple and reassuring answers and solutions can be laying right before them.

This is why Steven Pybrum serves as the Executive Director of Foundation for Harmony and Happiness. This is a national organization that offers valuable and life changing training, allowing married or engaged adults to better understand and use financial planning as one important element in building lasting and loving relationships. Steve Pybrum is also the author of two books that discuss marriage and money, one for couples who are already married and the other for couples who are thinking of getting married or have become engaged.

So while the broadcast television networks are continuing to pollute the airwaves with negative and sometimes scary news and predictions, remember that you have a choice to turn off the bad news and tune into the good news, which is you can have a healthy, happy, and loving relationship with less stress and more enjoyment of both the little and big things in life.